INLD’s Vision

Haryana is known to be a pioneer in the field of agriculture. It has been a forerunner in providing food security to the nation ever since the Green Revolution was ushered in. In fact, it set quite an example by going on to become the Number 1 agrarian state in India amongst other small states.

However, due to the myopic policies of the current government, the breadbasket of the country has drifted into innumerable agonies faced by both farmers and other communities at large. In the ten years following INLD’s exit from governance in Haryana, progress in the state has died a slow and painful death. Corruption, inflation, unemployment and bribery have risen to the fore and crippled the very core of administration. Farmers have had to pay out of their skins to cultivate their chosen crop but haven’t ever received the right market value for it. Be it industrial, agricultural, financial, rural or urban development, the current government has lacked foresight and seems to not possess a committed approach towards our better future.

It is high time these issues were dealt with. Concrete and lasting measures need to be put in place to restore the lost glory of a state which is credited for having made this country self sufficient in food and nutrition. In the given scenario, it is only justified that the people of Haryana too want changes to be brought upon. This isn’t a time for patience. Haryana has waited too long for its share of social, economic and political welfare. It is a time for aggressive advancements.

INLD has prepared a comprehensive program that it is presenting to the masses through its election manifesto. If voted to power, the party will wholeheartedly resume working for the goodwill, safety and security of all classes, communities and strata of people in the state of Haryana.